Another incredible NFL season is under way as our NFL picks have been on fire all year long. The winning ways continued this Sunday as Swoop Sports took on the challenge of having a 4-unit AND 5-unit play on the same day… they both won!

So far, we are hitting OVER 62% winners and are up OVER 19 units! There is nobody in the business who can claim such a record… unless they’re lying to you of course. It is not too late to join us, our next NFL pick will be Thursday!

Here is a recap of EVERY NFL PICK made during this season:

NFL Opening Night 2016
Panthers/Broncos UNDER 41 (8:30ET) 2-units (Push)

NFL Sunday 9/11
Vikings/Titans UNDER 40.5 (1:00ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Browns +3.5 (1:00ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Jets +2 (1:00ET) 1-unit (WIN)
Chargers +7 (1:00ET) 3-units (WIN)
Bears/Texans OVER 43 (1:00ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Lions/Colts OVER 50.5 (4:25ET) 2-units (WIN)
Patriots +8.5 (8:30ET) 1-unit (WIN)

NFL Monday 9/12
Steelers/Redskins OVER 49 (7:10ET) 1-unit (WIN)
49ers +3 (10:30ET) 2-units (WIN)

NFL Thursday 9/15
Jets/Bills OVER 41 (7:25ET) 3-units (WIN)

NFL Sunday 9/18
Titans +6.5 (1:00ET) 1-unit (WIN)
Texans PK (1:00ET) 3-units (WIN)
Patriots -6 (1:00ET) 1-unit (WIN)
Saints +4 (1:00ET) 2-units (WIN)
Panthers -13 (1:00ET) 3-units (WIN)
Chargers -3 (4:25ET) 2-units (WIN)
Packers/Vikings UNDER 42.5 (8:30ET) 1-unit (WIN)
Vikings +2.5 (8:30ET) 2-units (WIN)

NFL Monday Night 9/19
Bears -3 (8:30ET) 3-units (LOSS)

NCAAF Thursday 9/22
6-Teaser: Patriots +7 and OVER 34 (8:25ET) 1-unit (LOSS)

NFL Sunday 9/25
Cardinals -5 (1:00ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Dolphins -9.5 (1:00ET) 4-units (LOSS)
Redskins +4 (1:00ET) 2-units (WIN)
Lions/Packers OVER 47 (1:00ET) 3-units (WIN)
Bucs -3.5 (4:05ET) 3-units (LOSS)
Steelers -4 (4:25ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Jets +3 (4:25ET) 1-unit (LOSS)
Bears/Cowboys OVER 44 (8:30ET) 1-unit (WIN)

NFL Monday 9/26
Saints -2.5 (8:30ET) 2-units (LOSS)

NFL Thursday 9/29
Bengals -8 (8:25ET) 3-units (WIN)

NFL Sunday 10/2
Browns/Redskins OVER 47 (1:00ET) 3-units (WIN)
Jets +1.5 (1:00ET) 3-units (LOSS)
Panthers -3 (1:00ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Texans -4 (1:00ET) 2-units (WIN)
Cowboys -1.5 (4:25E) 1-unit (WIN)
Cardinals -9 (4:25ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Steelers -3.5 (8:30ET) 1-unit (WIN)

NFL Monday 10/3
Giants/Vikings UNDER 43 (8:30ET) 2-units (WIN)

NFL Thursday 10/6
Cardinals/49ers UNDER 43 (8:25ET) 2-units (LOSS)

NFL Sunday 10/9
Titans +3.5 (1:00ET) 1-unit (WIN)
Lions +4 (1:00ET) 5-units (WIN)
Bears +5 (1:00ET) 1-unit (LOSS)
Rams +2.5 (4:25ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Chargers +4 (4:25ET) 4-units (WIN)
Chargers/Raiders OVER 51 (4:25ET) 2-units (WIN)
Giants +7 (7:30ET) 3-units (PUSH)

+19.1 Units Profit (+$1,910)