Just like Swoop’s NFL picks, this season’s NCAA Football picks have been bringing in massive amounts of profit as will. With our record sitting at 31-24, the profit has been even better with us hitting the majority of the bigger plays released. Swoop Sports already has over 19 units of profit and counting!

Our next available pick will be this Friday, followed by a large card on Saturday. Be sure to stay tuned for updates before then! Here is a look at ALL of this year’s college football picks…

NCAAF Saturday 9/3
Western Michigan +5 (12:00ET) 2-units (WIN)
UL Lafayette +19 (12:00ET) 3-units (LOSS)
UCLA/Texas A&M UNDER 54 (3:30ET) 2-units (LOSS – Overtime)
LSU -13.5 (3:30ET) 1-unit (LOSS)
North Carolina +3.5 (5:30ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Wyoming +9 (10:30ET) 3-units (WIN)

NCAAF Sunday 9/4
Texas +4.5 (7:30ET) 4-units (WIN)

NCAAF Monday 9/5
Mississippi/Florida State OVER 58.5 (8:00ET) 2-units (WIN)

NCAAF Friday 9/9
Louisville/Syracuse OVER 68.5 (8:00ET) 2-units (WIN)

NCAAF Saturday 9/10
Boston College -16.5 (12:00ET) 2-units (WIN)
Michigan -36 (12:00ET) 1-unit (WIN)
NC State -6.5 (12:00ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Kansas -1.5 (2:30ET) 3-units (LOSS)
Western Kentucky +28.5 (3:30ET) 1-unit (WIN)
Miami FL -25.5 (6:00ET) 2-units (WIN)
Georgia Southern -13.5 (7:00ET) 3-units (WIN)
BYU +3 (7:30ET) 4-units (WIN)
Texas Tech +2 (10:00ET) 1-unit (LOSS)
San Diego State -7 (10:30ET) 3-units (LOSS)

NCAAF Friday 9/16
Utah State -9 (9:00ET) 2-units (WIN)

NCAAF Saturday 9/17
Florida State/Louisville UNDER 69 (12:00ET) 1-unit (LOSS)
Marshall -17 (12:00ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Toledo -21 (3:00ET) 1-unit (WIN)
Colorado +18.5 (3:30ET) 3-units (WIN)
Oregon +3 (3:30ET) 4-units (PUSH)
Navy -5.5 (7:00ET) 2-units (WIN)
Oklahoma +2 (7:30ET) 3-units (LOSS)
California +7.5 (10:30ET) 4-units (WIN)

NCAAF Thursday 9/22
Georgia Tech +10 (7:30ET) 2-units (LOSS)

NCAAF Saturday 9/24
South Florida +6 (12:00ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Wake Forest +7.5 (3:30ET) 1-unit (WIN)
Pittsburgh +7 (3:30ET) 3-units (WIN)
Oklahoma State +8 (7:30ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Marshall +30 (8:00ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Arizona State -4 (10:00ET) 3-units (WIN)
Washington -14 (10:30ET) 2-units (LOSS)

NCAAF Friday 9/30
Toledo +4 (10:15ET) 2-units (WIN)

NCAAF Saturday 10/1
Colorado -17.5 (2:30ET) 3-units (WIN)
Kansas State +3 (3:30ET) 3-units (WIN)
Michigan -10 (3:30ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Florida State -10.5 (3:30ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Texas A&M -18 (4:00ET) 1-unit (LOSS)
Mississippi -16 (7:00ET) 2-units (WIN)
Western Michigan/Central Michigan OVER 58.5 (7:00ET) 2-units (WIN)
Indiana +6 (8:00ET) 1-unit (WIN)
Washington State +3 (9:30ET) 3-units (WIN)
Boise State -21.5 (10:15ET) 3-units (LOSS)

NCAAF Thursday 10/6
Western Kentucky/Louisiana Tech OVER 68 (8:00ET) 2-units (WIN)

NCAAF Saturday 10/8
Cincinnati -3 (11:30AM ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Minnesota -1.5 (12:00ET) 1-unit (LOSS)
Texas +13.5 (12:00ET) 3-units (WIN)
Tennessee +7 (3:30ET) 2-units (PUSH)
Tennessee/Texas A&M OVER 57 (3:30ET) 3-units (WIN)
Kentucky -3 (4:00ET) 1-unit (WIN)
Kansas State -9.5 (7:00ET) 3-units (LOSS)
Arkansas +14.5 (7:00ET) 2-units (LOSS)
Washington State +7 (10:30ET) 3-units (WIN)

31 WINS – 24 LOSSES – 2 Push
+19.1 Units ($1,910)